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Every new home design is specific to our client's needs, to the land and site location surroundings.

We design homes from the inside out. Meeting with our clients multiple times before beginning any new project gives us insight to ensure the home compliments their lifestyle and aesthetic.

Through the assessment of the site location and the use of long lasting products which have more healthy, natural ratios, we work to bring a pleasing feel and function to the home.

a mix of natural wood colour and black siding makes this home absolutely stunning


Velsen Homes designs and constructs homes and commercial spaces with quality and integrity, through careful planning and communication. We put the clients needs first taking into consideration for the future health of the occupants and surrounding environment.

As much as possible, Velsen Homes implements and follows Passive House standards and the most widely used green building standard in the world LEED ( leadership in energy and environmental design )

Every project stands alone in design and construction

Our goal is to complete each project on schedule.

when modern meets farmhouse kitchen and living room designed and built by velsen homes


Velsen Homes has extensive experience in all aspects of renovations, residential and commercial. The specific needs of each project are attended to. We design the renovation with you. 



Adam Velsen is the project manager of Velsen Homes with a team of experienced and dedicated trades people working for the company.

Velsen Homes will : 

- Bring a high level of communication to each project

- Suggest green building ideas

- Provide a complete schedule of work

- Track costs

- Work with architects and designers

- Work with trades if requested by clients


Velsen Homes offers a full range of excavation services and heavy equipment machine work.


This Includes site preparation and drainage, excavation for building foundations, tree removal and driveway excavation and construction.

our excavation side of velsen homes
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