Velsen Homes

15 years designing and building homes for healthy living CHBA

Elemental Construction and Design

  • Design

    • * Designs with all elements of occupants and earth in mind
    • * Health for the occupants and the earth
    • * A complete home that contributes to the health of the earth and the occupants
    • * The needs of the occupants
    • * All types of structures
  • Construction

    • * Constructing a home keeping in mind that it is a home
    • * Being aware of the land and the environment
    • * Recycling waste
    • * Using recycled and renewable resources
    • * Non toxic products healthy for all
    • * Energy efficient homes reducing footprint
    • * Good homes inspire creativity

New Home Construction

We at Velsen Homes construct homes and commercial spaces with the utmost quality and integrity, through careful planning and communication.

We always put the customer’s needs first. We are very concerned with the health of the occupants and environment therefore we offer as much, or as little environmental friendly advice as wanted.

We follow the LEED standards and implement as much as possible.

Every project stands alone in design and construction, so we give special attention to each individual project.

Our goal for every project is to bring it in on time and on schedule.


VELSEN HOMES has had extensive experience in all aspects of renovations, residential and commercial. The specific needs of each project are attended to and we will work with your designer or we can design the renovation with you.

Project Management

As a project manager we will work with the trades that have been requested by the owner or we will bring in our own. We will:

    • * Track costs
    • * Set an outline of our requirements from the owner
    • * Work with architects and designers
    • * Provide a complete realistic schedule
    • * Bring a high level of communication to the project
    • * Suggest green building aspects if requested

General Contractor

As general contractors we will not only manage the project but we will:

Take it on with pride and care. We have the knowledge and will provide the trades and

Services needed to complete the job in a timely manner and to utmost standards.

  • Velsen Homes belongs to the following:

    • BuiltGreen BC
    • Cascadia region green building council
    • Canadian home builders association
    • Home owner protection office
    • Travelers Guarantee
    • Workman’s compensation board

Velsen Homes is a responsible and sustainable company that follows LEED environmental high standards.